Tuesday, 4 May 2010

dear jade.

You will probably never read this unless I direct you to it but either way here are a few things I think you should know.

1. You are an extraordinary inspiration. Your brain makes my brain work better and with more colour when I'm in the same room as you. Thank you for being such a good human.

2. I admire pretty much everything you have done and I can already preempt the massive amount of admiration I'm going to feel for everything you will do.

3. There have been several times during our still young friendship that I have wished that I'd had you in my corner for so much longer. That has been translated into the overwhelming LOVE I have for you now because I feel like I'm playing catch-up.

4. You wrote me one of the best cards I have received in my entire life. And my entire life has a good few years on yours which is entirely significant with regard to this point. So, yeah.

5. I want to write a screenplay with you one day. This thought alone makes me want to high-five myself.

6. You are the best one. And you are very good at drawing dinosaurs. And elephants.