Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Over the past few days I've been swinging around an emotion I didn't really want to feel and it's made me quiet. Quieter than usual. It tends to be around time like this that I just let things rush in. And my goodness, music has been RUSHING in. It's been making me draw lyrics on the back of envelopes on buses and songs that have moved past me before have now pulled up a chair next to me. It got me to thinking how it really is all about what you're ready for. And that maybe, just maybe, that's all we can ever try to be. Ready. Ready for it all to rush in.

Timshel by Mumford & Sons; Daughters of the Soho Riots, Slow Show and the entire new National album have been on repeat with me for two hours.

It's going to be a quiet, rushing summer for me.