Sunday, 24 May 2009

Revolutionary Road

I read this book just after I left school, about 8 years ago and although I can remember passages it had very little impact on me at that time in my life. I picked my copy up again a couple of weeks ago and threw myself into it and have come out the otherside with a new addition to my notable pile.

I was just caught by the way Richard Yates writes, from the very first page... "He let the fingers of one hand splay out across the pocket of his shirt to show what a simple, physical thing the heart was..." through the argument that Frank & April Wheeler have in the middle of a street to having to pause, resting the book in my lap after being overwhelmed by reading the sentence "...and they fell asleep like children", on a train journey home.

The book was so hopeful, so contorted, so full of betrayal and grief, so well written and so honest.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I shouldn't really post this...

...for fear of repeating someone else's sentiments but the song has been circling around my head, throat and heart for so many days that I almost feel I have to, just so that I can let some other songs in. This song has long been my favourite Broken Social Scene track, but for a good while they were a band I knew nothing about aside from seeing the covers of their albums frequently on 'Top 100 Albums of 200X' lists. A friend burnt me a copy of one of their albums, and I still didn't get it. Then, in 2006, I saw them live; my heart fell out of my mouth and as the evening progressed it found its way back into my chest. This song got stuck to the inside of my skin from that point on. Along with my completely healthy love for all things Kevin Drew.

Leslie Feist's redux of it aches in a similar way because her vocals and instrumentation seem to pull you into the late night until you're saturated in the smoky, lust of the whole thing. Late night passions, with closed eyes. Sigh.

Feist - Lovers Spit (Redux)

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'Her Morning Elegance'

Not only do I love this song, but the video is just a perfect piece of art. I dare you to look away. You can't, can you? A little piece of heart, for the eyes.