Thursday, 26 March 2009

Can I count on you if I fall apart?

Can I?
What does that sentence acually mean?
Count on you for what? To not run, to not judge, to stand back or jump into action, to let me figure it all out, to listen, talk or neither?

Is this the definition of friendship, in the sense that if you can answer yes to the question you're a definite, full-bodied friend? Really?

Want to talk about this a bit more and about the alphabet. But! I have things to learn and dinners to cook and singing of Pearl Jam to do.

Also, I cannot stop listening to this song today. The Notwist are brilliant - find them and love them.

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Workin' I.T. said...

I think about this often- about the people in my life and the (thin) threads that keep them there. What does it mean, and how deep does it go?

Tried to write you an email not long ago, but, I believe it was returned!

Just popped over to say hello and keep it up :)