Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Now, 'shuffle' is one of those oxymoron functions - it's decided yet indecisive; controlled defiance of order, almost. I sometimes like it, I sometimes don't. I depends what it throws up. I've just put my whole itunes account on shuffle to see where I get taken for 30 minutes. I press shuffle on the tube a lot, and because I don't like getting my ipod out in large groupings of people (ha, check out my paranoia) I generally don't hit skip that often. The thing I love about the function are the hidden surprises, those tucked away songs that get lost owing to the fact that you blur out half the A-Z when you're scrolling. But, there was always going to be a but, it's not a mix-tape, nor a playlist, it is what it is... a random continuation of songs. At present, I've gone from 'Oratorio - Hundred Reasons' to 'Strawberry Street - Jeff Buckley'... now that makes sense, or at least sense in terms of volume.... and then, oh good, 'Pain - Jimmy Eat World'. Okay, my arguement is unravelling. Normally, it's the volume of songs that gets to me. I've gone from Pixies to Sigur Ros before. I don't like that. It scratches.

Ha. Now my point is proven, I've just been presented with '2.45am - Elliot Smith'. Following Jimmy Eat World. That makes me start to itch. Maybe it's my need for balance, because I can't exactly blame the function seeing as it's only doing as it's told - shuffling my songs. If anything, I should blame my eclectic music taste, I've now got 'Eloquence & Elixir ' The Kissaway Trail' as the soundtrack to this part of the story. I like flow, I don't like erratic. However, I do enjoy giving the control away at times. Sometimes you want itches to scratch, because the relief they bring has a tendency to last just that little bit longer. And with that, here's that hidden track I was talking about... 'North Hanging Rock - British Sea Power'.

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