Tuesday, 30 December 2008

December, forever ago.

I've been listening an awful lot to William Fitzsimmons and it got me to thinking, whether certain artists replace others in your life. I hold my hands up guilty as charged with regards to being as obsessive as they come with music, but with that obsession comes a certain amount of fluctuation. I'm a phased obsessionata. Ha, that phrase makes perfect sense to me. I get hooked on something play/read/watch/talk/drink/make/eat it over and over again, until I take a breath and leave it for a while and then come back around.

After procrastinating about this for a bit, I think what I was initially trying to say was the about impact of artists, as apposed to the artists themselves. There will never be another Jeff Buckley, for example, but there may well be people who punch my heart with the same ferocity.
Fitzsimmons is having an early Damien Rice, Bonnie Prince Billy, Iron & Wine type impact on me right now. Him, The Weepies & Bon Iver are defining my December.

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